I have studied with many teachers across the country and have been teaching since 2012. I have a British Wheel of Yoga diploma in teaching yoga (level 4 on the national framework), taught by Andrea Newman (now part of the SWYA). I came to yoga in January of 2009 mid-way through my bachelor’s degree with an inquisitive attitude and a stiff back. I remember feeling an unbelievable sense of freedom of movement and openness in my head and heart after that first class; it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to find out more. I was soon attending multiple classes during the week and going to workshops on the weekends.

All my classes have a Hatha Yoga framework which includes static and dynamic asanas (postures), breath awareness and relaxation. My classes are designed to be suitable for all levels – providing modifications for those who want them and further development for students who want to be challenged. I always aim to provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to practice in and a safe space to release tension and alleviate stress. I provide safe practice, good alignment, body awareness, and regularly incorporate the use of yoga breathing techniques into my classes. Due to strong Iyengar influences throughout my yoga journey I sometimes use props to help students reach their full potential in a pose.

I’m mostly to be found on a mat or on wheels.

Failing that, find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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